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Mauritius Independence Celebration

Morisien bien malin,...Polo, a Mauritian father, has a son working at the World bank, he wants his son to be promoted to the executive rank,.......Polo: Mo le qi to marier ene tifi mo choixRaj: Non papa, mo con choisir mo propre femmePolo: Mais sa tifi Billy GatesRaj: Bien dan sa cas la ..... OKPolo telephone Billy GatesPolo: I have a husband for your daughterBG: But my daughter already has a fiancePolo: But this young man is a Vice President of the World Bank in WashingtonBG: Ah! in this case,....OKPolo alle visite president World bank, misier Jean PaulPolo: J'ai un jeune homme pret pour etre Vice President ExecutifJP: Mais j'ai deja une douzaine de vice-presidentsPolo: Mais ce jeune homme est le gendre de Billy GatesJP: Ah! dans ce cas, ....... OK Mission accompli !!!


Stress Reliever

48th Anniversary of the Independence of Mauritius

Saturday March 12, 2016 17:30 - 23:00

Calgary Mauritian Community

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